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Thank you for visiting Design , Review, Construct. At DRC we do basements; just basements. Whatever your life situation, DRC can create a basement just for you and your family. We want to truly understand your wants and needs. The only way we measure true success is whether you can recommend us to someone with complete confidence.

Basement finishing and remodeling have come along way since the days of acoustic ceilings and wood paneling. Todays basements are not only extremely functional and open but some of the design options rival those of the best designed homes on the market.

When you decide to start your project with DRC, there is no better decision. We are highly experienced and we provide quality, labor warranty, comparable costs, monthly payment options and 100% satisfaction customer service during the project guarantee.

We service the areas of Oswego, Montgomery, Aurora, Sugar Grove, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Plano, Naperville and many others.


We Listen To Your Every Word

It sounds simple, but we’ve found that our first compliment on a job is our attention to what’s being said, and our follow-up to questions being asked.  We understand that your basement remodel is a huge undertaking, and don’t take the responsibility you’ve entrusted in us lightly.  We give our opinions when asked for them, and deliver only facts when asked specifics regarding the construction.  When working with DRC Basement Remodeling, you’re no longer limited by your imagination.

Our Job Site Is Your Home - Cleanliness

The fact that our Job Site is your home, is not lost on us.  We take every possible step to keep dust to a minimum while respecting your home.  We’ll work out convenient work hour with you, so you don’t feel like your space or time is being infringed on.  We arrive and leave during the hours that are most comfortable to you and that provide the least inconvenience.  We keep your home clean at all times, and clean up every night before we leave.  We feel a clean job is the sign of respect for your home, and we have the utmost of it.

Continued Support & Adjustments

When the job’s completed, we’re not off the clock.  In all phases and types of construction, material settles and may need to be adjusted or realigned over time, simply give us a call and we’ll come right out for you.  Continued service & Support is our trademark.  Over the years, our clients have repeatedly told us, that they feel like DRC Basement Remodeling was more like a partner in their basement project than a contractor.  That tells us we’re doing something right, and the continual referrals confirms that every month.

Unparalleled Construction Quality – Professionalism & Designs



You have the SQFT, might as well make it part of your home, and not a place that boxes get thrown.  Imagine having all that extra space to live in.


Whether a true in-law apartment or extra room is your goal, a basement provides all parties with the privacy and autonomy needed to coexist together.


Give the younger kids a place to play and house all their toys, while giving the older kids a lounge area with a little privacy that doesn’t impede on your space & privacy.


Basements provide a fantastic place to entertain in an environment not in your main living space.  Whether a bar or media room is your goal, your basement is perfect.


Appraisers give on average $20-$30 sqft of your basement unfinished.  Once finished they typically give a $20,000-$50,000 bump on top depending on the functionality and layout.


Statistics show, that equal homes being compared, one with a finished basement and one without, the home with a finished basement sell 50% quicker with 1/2 the showings.


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